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The Importance Of A Varsity Letterman Jacket – Know Them All Here

When we say varsity letterman jacket, we are actually referring to a jacket that is traditionally worn by college and high school students in the United States as a way to represent their school and team, and also, to display personal awards that are earned in activities, academics, or even in athletics. Varsity Letterman jackets, or oftentimes referred as Varsity jackets, are very popular. The body, such as the torso, is made from boiled wool, while the sleeves of the jacket are made from leather, in which the waistband and wrists are banded. Most of the time, varsity letterman jackets are produced using the colors of the school, with the body of the jacket donning the primary color of the school, whilst the sleeves contain its secondary colors. More often than not, you will see varsity letterman jackets featuring a banded collar for men, or a hood for women. The varsity letterman jackets derive its name from the chenille patch of the varsity letter which is located on the left breast, which is known for having the first letter or the initials of the college or the high school the jacket came from. Since the purpose of the jacket is to display the letter award, it is vital and essential for its colors to match those letters, instead of the other way around. As for the name of the owner, it usually appears either in the chenille, which matches the letters, or is embroidered on the jacket itself. With regards to the graduation year of the owner, it usually appears in matching chenille. The placement of the year as well as the name of the graduation depends on the tradition of the school. In some cases, the year is sewn on the right sleeve, or above the right pocket. Lettermen who are said to play on the championship team sometimes receive a large patch which commemorates their championship, and this is worn on the back of the jacket.

It has been said that the varsity letterman jacket was first used, on a regular basis, by the eighteen ninety-one baseball team, and it was backed with a small crimson H placed on the breast. Varsity letterman jackets were the successors of what we call as letter sweaters. In most cases, you can see the letter of varsity letterman jackets to be large in size, and centered, especially if the jacket is a pullover. There is a stripes in one sleeve which designates the number of letters won, having a star indicating the team captain. According to those who have gotten their varsity letterman jackets, a student will not be able to purchase their own jacket unless they have earned a letter. In schools, were varsity letters are only awarded, this can be observed in the junior or senior year of the students. There are schools where junior varsity letters are awarded, and the jacket is possible to be purchased by recipients of junior varsity letters, although the letter is placed right above the left pocket, leaving a space for future varsity letters.

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