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Tips for Choosing a Record Search Service

Several small businesses have an in-house department that deals with all of their record search affairs. As businesses scale up and due diligence requirements become more compound, most decide to hire a private service to perform their record checks. Deciding whom to entrust their business with can be a challenging. Nowadays, national and local options come in hundreds, if not thousands.

Below are the top three issues to consider when assessing your potential record search company:

Business Reputation and Experience

How long has the service been in the industry? How is their reputation in their own industry and in yours? The work a record search company does is likely vital to your business’ success, so it is a must to work with one that you trust. Ask around. Approach others in your line of business and find out which service they are using, as well as whether they are satisfied with that provider’s performance. Another route to learning about a record search service is researching on the Internet. By exploring their website, you can typically read about their history and expertise as a company, along with testimonials from past clients.


Your record search provider’s location counts for a couple of reasons. First, partnering with a company that is within your time zone helps ensure prompt replies to your phone calls and emails. For rush requests in particular, you need ready access to them within your typical business hours. Second, it pays to work with a company located in your state or county, where the bulk of your business is. Otherwise, you will incur unavoidable additional costs and even extra time to fulfill projects.


When screening service companies based on cost, look past what they have listed. Will they charge you for delivery of results? Do they outsource agents to do the actual job and bill you for it? What are the charges for duplicates? Are they fond of giving discounts for large orders? All of these factors that can affect the final cost of any record search project. And keep in mind that online searches are often less expensive when compared to those which are done traditionally. If possible, go with a company that provides online solutions so you can get the most out of investment.

As we have said earlier, there are so many record search companies nowadays, which means you have more than adequate options when looking for the right one for you. And how else do you make options relevant but by comparing them from each angle. This is the only way for you to know which of your choices is indeed the best.

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