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5 Questions You Should Ask Your Hardwood Flooring Contractor Before You Work with Them
Are you in need of hardwood flooring Services? You may want to get somebody that can install or even do the refinishing work. But, maybe you are stuck trying to identify the right flooring service to hire. You should not have to worry much about picking the right contractor in such an area. This is because if you know the right questions to ask you won’t have to worry that you are working with someone incompetent. The following are the top five questions that you need to ask your hardwood flooring contractor before work begins.

What Kind of Experience do You Have?
One of the most important questions that you can ask such a contractor needs to revolve around how much experience they have. It is quite important for you to know exactly whether you are dealing with someone that will do the best work possible because they have been working in the industry for a longer duration in comparison to others. Asking this kind of question before you hire such a professional enables you to have the confidence that they can do exactly what they say they will.

Can We Have a Written Contract
The next question that you need to be asking such a contractor before you settle on working with them is whether you can have a written contract. Having one of these allows both of you involved in this business to be in a position where you feel safe. A written contract simply highlights the interests of both parties such that if anything is breached you will each be able to seek recourse. This is particularly important when it comes to things such as having the work done on time and also payments too. You also need to have a written contract so that you can be able to seek legal help if at all any damage happens to your property during the work.

Ask About Insurance
Speaking of damage, you also need to make sure that the contractor you are working with is somebody that has an insurance cover. This is absolutely necessary because if something were to go wrong such as destruction of property you need to be able to have the confidence that it will be paid for in full.

Will You Sign a Waiver?
Another question that you need to ask involves the signing of a waiver. Sometimes you will meet people who are malicious and have the intention of suing you because of a personal injury they have attained working at your home or your company. It is necessary for you to think about having them sign a waiver so that you are not legally responsible for any injuries that occur to them during this period.

Can I See a Portfolio?
To conclude, you need and by asking to see a portfolio of the contractor’s previous work. This is necessary as it allows you to know the quality of work the service provider can offer you.

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