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Free Ringtones – How to Get Them

If you’re on the hunt for good ringtones to install on your cell phone, there are lots of options available such as forums, blogs, communities and, of course, websites. There maybe a number of available websites to download ringtones, but you will not be able to get them for free from all of those websites. Oftentimes, the online ringtones’ quality is not what you’re looking for, and so the question that comes to mind is where can you get the ringtones that you like.

The answer lies in those resources offering some type of credits as a part of a bonus; you probably have signed up for an account in many websites but I’m quite certain you haven’t encountered any site that offers free credits after you sign up. Perhaps you need to try a different approach as there are actually websites out there that do offer some type of bonus like giving out 25 credits or even more, based on your level of membership, into the new account that you have opened and they as well offer free bonus. It may come as a surprise but these sites are truly an excellent medium from where to obtain acoustic ringtones. Once you register for an account on these sites, they provide a search box where you will be able to look for the ringtone of your choice to download onto your cell phone.

After finding the ringtone that you prefer, you can then send a request for that ringtone, and then the website transmits a code to your phone after receiving your request through which you will be able to easily download it on your mobile phone. Now, you are probably wondering about the purpose of the 25 credits sent to your account. Well, the cool thing about this service is that you will be able to buy a ringtone from any site using one credit out of the 25 that was sent to you. At the same time, you may use the credits for purchasing wallpaper if not any software, if you wish. This offer truly is one of the best.

A different option accessible online for obtaining ringtones would be community, in which if you have not registered for one you can just create one or else join that site through the link of someone else.. On these websites, lots or people, who are artists themselves, share the ringtones they have with the rest of the members and such ringtones are usually compatible for all mobile phones. There are software that you can use, such as WAV, to transform these ringtones into a format that is supported by your mobile phone in order to make these tones and your phone compatible. Even if ringtones are available for free on community sites, you will however be surprised by how perfectly these are produced.

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