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Everything There Is To Know About Paver Patio Installation

It is possible to personalize your space especially your backyard by installing a patio paver. This brings a sense of expansion of your own living space to the outdoors and enhances the general outlook of your backyard. You don’t have to hire someone to do this for you as you can make it practical by following a number of guidelines.

First you need to start with a plan describing the kind of pattern you would like to use for your walkway. Some patterns are simpler to install than others since they may require more cutting. It’s upon you to decide which pattern best suits your needs. Planning is also crucial as it will help you determine the amount of materials you will need to set up the paver patio. Secondly, prepare the area where you want to set up the paver patio. It is advisable to ensure that the size of land you choose fits all your outdoor furniture and that it leaves a space for you to walk around. It is advisable to make sure you clear the working site. Remove all the roots and clear all the shrubs around the marked area.

Identify the weeds around the area and control them. You could do this by making sure that you cut the edges of the fabric and ensuring that it fits well. By doing this you will be preventing the weeds from popping between pavers thus making your paver patio as neat as possible. The next step involving spreading of around two inches of gravel on the fabric and using a rake to smoothen the layer. Tamping out the gravel is the next step that one is advised to follow and its essence is to make sure that the gravel is firm enough. To ensure that the base is extremely firm, you are also advised to add another layer of gravel of about two inches and tamp it out again.

The next step is to make sure the surface is as level as possible. In order to achieve this, attach a long board which is straight and identify whether the bed is level. Next, spread builder’s sand up to around two inches on top of the gravel to build another layer of support. By mixing different sizes of the pavers you could upgrade your patio. In order to make sure that your pavers are in line, lay them by setting up some straight lines and following them. Spreading a thin layer of sand over the pavers is the final step.

Clearly, you could install a patio paver in a day.

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