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What ESTA Has To Do With Your USA Trip

ESTA is the acronym for the name of the web-based system data collection system that is being used to decide about the eligibility of travels to visit the country of America under the Visa Waiver Program and whether these people pose a risk to the country’s security.

Once your ESTA visa has been approved, you have ultimate permission to hop on a plane bound for America under the Visa Waiver Program. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) recommends applying in the 72 hours prior to your trip, but you can apply any time before boarding, especially as, in most cases, a response can be received within seconds of submission. For private carriers, they must be a signatory VWP carrier, and you can view here for more information about this.

It is often believed that an ESTA is exactly the same as a visa because of misleading articles, but the truth is: it is not. It does not meet the legal protocol to actually serve as your visa in place of a U.S. visa whenever it is required. If you have your own U.S. visa, then you will not need an ESTA. But they are similar in the sense that neither of them, even though approved and valid, will not promise you admission to America.

ESTA is not merely optional, it has been required since the twelfth January 2009. Applicants to the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must complete fill up a Customs declaration upon arrival in the United States, whether they do or do not have authorization from ESTA, but are not required anymore to complete the I-94W card in green.

The great thing about acquiring an approved ESTA is that it will be valid for two long years, or until the passport expires, depending on which of the two occur first, and will not require re-application should the traveler decide upon multiple trips to the United States.

When you travel to the United States with an ESTA, you are allowed to stay for only a maximum of 90 days within each visit and with an understandable amount of time between each visit to ensure that you are not in pursuit of living here, even if there is no actual given time requirement for how long you must wait.

If your ESTA application already gets approved, yet you are worried about the fact that your passport will expire in under two years, you will still get an ESTA but only one that will be valid until the passport’s expiration date.

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