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Picking the Ideal Granite Countertop

The granite is not only naturally striking but they last longer as well. That implies that you are sure to enjoy a stylish countertop for plenty of years to come with quite minimum maintenance. You shouldn’t have problems getting a countertop that is unique when you choose granite as you have a wide assortment of colors and pattern to pick from and meet your needs. That said, with a wide range of choices to pick from, it can be a struggle trying to identify the most suitable option to settle for. Keep reading the feature as we have outlined a few top tips on how to purchase the right granite countertops.

It is not a simple task finding the perfect shade for your granite countertop can be a hassle; however, you can do that if you are investing a little bit of effort. When it comes to choosing colors for your granite countertop, you have to approach it with a long-term perspective. So, be sure you are opting for a shade or hue that can live and love in the years down the line. Bear in mind that granite is durable and you have focus on a shade that will be attractive and blend with decor even after remodel or two. if reselling is an option in the future, it is best that you are selecting natural colors as they ensure they are attractive to most potential buyers. For small kitchen, pick lighter colors for your countertops to make the space roomier. Remember the color of present cabinets and other woodworks, because you ought to decide on a granite color that is compatible with that.

On top of that you have to consider edge profile of the countertop when shopping. The practical edge profile that would suit your modern cabinets would be a bullnose or an eased edge profile as it will pair with the modern cabinet style. Moreover, they will suit a home with little children as they don’t have sharp edges that may pose a danger. If you style heavily leans on the traditional style then a matching edge profile would be bevel or ogee edges. If that seem challenging, take a few pictures of your kitchen, carry them with you as you shop, and if you are buying from a reputable showroom, they should help you pick the best edge profile.

Last not least, the veining or pattern of granite should matter when picking the countertop. That is essential because the pattern may impact the appearance of the kitchen. For instance, for smaller kitchen the more complicated the pattern is, the more cramped space will appear.

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