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Factors That Affect a Person’s Self-Psychology

Factors that affect yourself psychology is the society that is around you. Different people in society have a kind of expectation that they need from us and this may affect our psychology in a bigger way. There is a kind of job that society requires us to do how we need to dress the age we are supposed to have already been married and how much money we need to earn. Most people will have this kind of mentality and they will go to the extra mile of trying all the things that they can so that they can please the society to reduce their pressure on them. This makes them suppress their passion and what they need and try to satisfy the needs of society. This makes an individual life difficult because it’s about satisfying others and fulfilling people’s expectations and the way you are supposed to leave and it may make you not be happy in life. It is important for an individual to know what they are they are identical apart from the society so that they can know the kind of goals they are supposed to achieve and make realistic goals for themselves. You should know yourself how you should live and not let the society to dictate how you are life is supposed to leave this will release you from stress and unrealistic goals and will make you live a happy life.

Another thing that affects our social media. The media will bring the kind of life that we need to have the kind of phone that we need to have the places that we need to be and the magazines that we need to read. Most of the people desire to look like the people who are in the media desire to live the way the advertisement shows how people Should Live and this affects them because they may go to an extra mile of stealing or doing corruption so that they may be able to have that kind of standardized life. This is because they want a kind of feeling that other people are having but they cannot be able to meet it. It is important to appreciate where you are and where you’re coming from and grow step-by-step to places why you want to go instead of taking shortcuts to be a person that you are not. Be careful not to be controlled by the media on how things should be done.

Another thing that affects our self-psychology is the people around us. Whether our family our friends or our love is they affect our self-psychology in one way or another. If you have people around you who are supportive about your life you’re going to have a positive self-psychology and it will improve your life when it comes to your self-image and how you view yourself and others. It is important to associate yourself with people who build yourself psychology and therefore make sure that the time you are using with other people is beneficial.

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