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Basic human wants also known as primary wants are those things that human beings cannot survive without and they are satisfied before secondary wants. These basic wants include food shelter and clothing these are required for human beings to be in a position to participate in their day to day lives. Resources to satisfy human wants are limited and therefore human struggle to satisfy their needs also the wants are repetitive in no time will they be satisfied fully they keep on repeating themselves.

Business is selling goods and services in order to satisfy human wants for this reason business people aims at offering the best goods and services that will satisfy these wants. In order to satisfy human wants food has different classifications including carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins among others these are needed for a healthy living. Catering is the provision of services provides ready to eat meals at a price, the success of these businesses is determined by the faith that the customers have on the status of the business in terms of experience, hygiene level among others. When customers are satisfied with the food being sold in a certain hotel, they become regular customers and its unlikely for them to move to other hotels.

Meat can be consumed in many forms it can be boiled, fried, and can be roasted which is in short referred to as BBQ different animal meat is consumed, some religions and culture do not eat certain meats. This business has considered the different human preferences hence they sell different dishes where their customers choose according to their taste, they include roast pork, the beef they also have smoked chicken wings, smoked ham among many other dishes. Before making this dish, the meat is inspected to ensure that it is good for human consumption this is because some animals suffer from diseases that can be transmitted to a human.

They have very experienced workers who aim at providing the best services to their customers They offer their catering services throughout the day and also night. They also have some pickup points where their customers can pick packed foods this is done by covering the food with a foil that is used to ensure that the food remains in that temperature until one is ready to eat. To ensure that they cover a large market they offer to work with other companies to provide meals to their workers at any time of the day this helps the companies to save on productive time. They sell their dishes at an affordable price this is to ensure that every person is in a position to enjoy their dishes.

They have a website that their clients can subscribe to and make an order of their services. They also have a social media platform that the customers can also follow them and make comment. They are a reliable partner even for other businesses this is because they are devoted and enjoy doing their work. Clients can also call them using the phone numbers provided on the website.

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