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Why you Need a DJ and Lighting Company

DJ and lighting companies are doing their best to ensure special events are celebrated with so much fun. This is by ensuring guests are enjoying the right music with fabulous lighting all around the venue. However, many people think that hiring a professional DJ is not a must not knowing the impact they bring to an event. If you are planning for a wedding, birthday party, anniversary or a graduation party, consider hiring a DJ and Lighting company. Finding one requires you to do a lot of investigation and take your time to move a round. Finding the right DJ and lighting company helps you enjoy the many benefits. You can consult your close friends and family members if you want to hire the best company around. They may be numerous in the market, but with determination and hardwork you can easily find the best. It doesn’t matter the time you may take but you must confirm about the reputation, reliability and credibility of the company. Here are reasons that you need to hire a DJ and Lighting company.

Do you know that your guest expert exciting music? You must think of that. And because you are anxious about the day, it can be hard for you to concentrate on the best music for your guests. And for this reason, a DJ and Lighting company can represent you well throughout the event. It is imperative to know, how your event will be is how people will think of you. And because of this, make sure you have hired the best DJ and lighting company to ensure your event runs smoothly. It always feels good to see your guests happy with so much entertainments around. Another reason you need a DJ and Lighting company is that you need your personality to fit your event. A reliable. DJ and lighting company ensures the music is on another class with the right floral around the event venue. Make sure you have the right colors around your venue to glam the place. For this to happen, your preferred DJ and lighting company must have experience when it comes DJ services and lighting up an event. The good thing with DJs is that they don’t just play the music but they ensure everything reflects your event.

With the right DJ and lighting company, you will not have to run up and down in search of music for the purpose of entertaining your guests. Instead, you will have time to plan on other things that concerns your event. It doesn’t matter the kind of celebration but seeking the help of a DJ and Lighting company is advantageous. The kind of wireless lighting and projections done by such a company adds energy to an event. The lighting are always classic to beautify the event. When hiring a DJ and Lighting company, you must also have a good plan so that it can be easy to light up the event. Have a budget to make sure you can afford the DJ and lighting company. They may charge differently and that is why you need a budget to pick the most affordable one. Compare many DJ and lighting companies to pick the best with amazing services. Enjoy your special day by hiring a reliable DJ and lighting company.

The lighting should add to your experience
You have spent a lot of time working on the look and feel of your wedding, why let it then fade into the background as the night progresses? You should be highlighting where you are spending your money: the centerpieces, the cake, etc. Your lighting should be timeless, classic, and beautiful to bring out and add to the decor and then change later in the night to add to the energy of the party. It should not just be a look that is set and then the lighting company leaves and goes to another job. That is one of the many benefits of wireless lighting and environmental projection, that they can change as the feel of your wedding changes!

A DJ that controls the lighting so it totally matches the feel throughout the event is also so important. For example, at one of our weddings recently, the couple started slow dancing all of a sudden in the middle of a song, surrounded by their family and friends, so we changed the lights to create an intimate moment allowing the photographer to capture some amazing shots of that special moment!

Heather O’Brien Design | DJ Jacob Towe | 5 Reason to Hire a Professional DJ and Lighting Company
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The DJ’s experience should be in weddings
Your DJ should be a DJ for weddings and events, not a club or house DJ. A wedding is not a club, even though you want to have an awesome dance party later on in the night your DJ must be able to create mix that will be fun for all of your guests; not just those that really like to get out there and dance, like in a club. The DJ must also understand the flow of a wedding, and how you want your particular wedding to flow. This is one of the crucial elements that makes or breaks a wedding; you can play a great song but if it’s at the wrong moment it will flop. Your DJ should be someone that has a good reputation with vendors, through reviews and in publications. They will have to make judgments calls at certain points that can only be handled well with experience.

Heather O’Brien Design | DJ Jacob Towe | 5 Reason to Hire a Professional DJ and Lighting Company
A DJ provides a non-stop experience
The flow of the day is very important to the success of a wedding. You want your day to go smoothly and for each moment to be an enjoyable, seamless experience for you, your new spouse, your family, and your guests. One positive to having a professional DJ for your wedding is that they don’t take breaks like bands may. This way there is never a dead space for your guests, there is always something happening, there is always a nice feel with the music matching the decor. A DJ can also typically match the experience you are looking to get on your wedding day better than a band can since they can provide a wider music selection.

Heather O’Brien Design | DJ Jacob Towe | 5 Reason to Hire a Professional DJ and Lighting Company
Ultimately your wedding is about you as a couple and your DJ and Lighting Design should be a reflection of you! Everything on your wedding should have you in the center

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