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How to Sell your Designer Handbag

A designer handbag shall make a statement no other accessory ever could. These bags will look divine, but they will cost a staggering amount. If you have a collection of these bags and you no longer use them, you can make plenty of money off them. You may not make as much as you had spent on it, but that figure will nonetheless be a huge one. This is only after you?identify the right buyer. You shall find out more about that buyer on this site.
Once you decide to put the bag out there, you have to do certain things. These are the things that will make for you feting the best price. It is important first to find out where an authentic buyer is.

Begin by locating the box, dust bag, receipt and authenticity card for the bag. It is so easy to dismiss the packaging you got the designer handbag in as trash. But if you suspect you may want to sell it in future, you need to store them safely. They authenticate the bag to a great extent. This will make for a much faster authentication process. If they are missing; the process goes on for much longer.
This shall now be time to prepare a clear description of the bag. By being clear with the description, it shall be easy to follow along and answer most of the questions people were bond to ask soon. You need to check out the bag in great detail, noting any mark, scuffs, tarnishing, creasing, smells and any other wear. You need to do so even if the bag is practically new. You need to also talk of the unique features that make the bag special. You can talk of qualities such as a limited edition piece, in a rare color or leather, the year of manufacture, where it was bought, and its present market availability.

You should take photos of the bag from every angle. You need to either use a high-resolution smartphone camera, or a professional digital camera. Take the photos in natural lighting. You need the photos to reflect the details you talked about earlier as you were introducing the bag. You need to take photos of the inside and outside, and the accessories and packaging of the bag. Ensure you do not show any personal info on the receipt in the photos.

It is important that after you have agreed on the terms with the buyer, to have the bag delivered to them safely. You need to have the handbag tracked to the destination. A good reseller will send over a prepaid packaging to ship the bag to them.

With such a plan in place, you shall satisfy the needs of any buyer, and make some good money in the process.
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